October 18, 2001 – Update

On Wednesday, October 17th, BSA received a call from our lobbyist, Steve Boynton, who indicated our position on House bill H.R. 2590 (Senate S.1397) was in jeopardy. As he sees it, there are four key players on the committee to approve this appropriation: Representatives Istook of Oklahoma and Hoyer of Maryland and Senators Dorgan of North Dakota and Nighthorse Campbell of Colorado. According to Steve’s sources, only Nighthorse Campbell is on our side at this time.
Why is this happening? Why are we not able to convince these legislators we are right? This is very simple, my friends. The animal rights folks have convinced our Washington Representatives and Senators that we, the shippers of poultry, are uncaring sorts who knowingly send birds through the mail expecting a huge death loss. Where does this come from? Again this is quite simple. Mr. Kurt Ebenhock, of Northwest Airlines, has been quoted as saying up to 30% of baby chicks die while in route and that their airline receives many crushed boxes from the postal service. Of course all of us know these statements are not true and when asked, neither Northwest nor the animal rights groups have ever been able to document statistically any of those claims. Is there ever a death loss? Of course there is but in those few cases it can be directly related to human error. Human error can be corrected through management at the hatchery, USPS, or air carrier.
We all know that to stay in business we must be able to ship our poultry to our customer successfully with live arrival guaranteed. Remember, WE ARE THE EXPERTS IN SHIPPING BIRDS THROUGH THE MAIL! Most of us have done this as a profitable business for decades. We know how to safely and successfully ship the birds depending on the environment presented to us at shipping time. Both the airlines and the Post Office do a nice job of helping us but it is we, the shippers, who know how to get our birds to our customers alive and full of vitality. Experience is our teacher and profit is our measure of success. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.
As of today, Thursday, October 18th, because of the anthrax scare in the House, our bill has been put on hold and the committee is not meeting until next week. As sad as that is, it does give us a window of opportunity. If you have any connections to any of the above-mentioned people don’t wait to play your card. Even if you do not have a connection or they are not your congressional representatives, take a minute to call or fax them or their staff and voice your disapproval in their decision to not support our amendment. Call your Senator or Congressmen and have them contact them for you. Tell them why you think they are wrong and what the economic impact this will have on your business and customers. You must act now. Call or Fax them today. Our future may depend on it.
Senator Bryan Dorgan (D-ND), Chairman, Subcommittee on Treasury and General Government of the Senate Appropriations Committee [District Offices: Bismark,701 250-4618; Grand Forks – 701-746-8972; Fargo – 701 239-5389; Minot 701 852-0703].
Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell (R-CO), ranking member of the Subcommittee [Staff Pat Raymond 202 224-7337 (T)] [District Offices: Greenwood Village – 303 843-4100; Colorado Springs – 719 636-9092; Ft. Collins – 970 206-1788; Pueblo Springs – 719 542-6987; Grand Junction – 970 241- 6631]
Representative Ernest Istook (R-OK), Chairman, Subcommittee on Treasury, Postal Service and General Government of the House Appropriations Committee.[Staff: Michel Merdessa (sp?) 202 225-5834 (T)] District Offices: Oklahoma City 405 942-3636 (T); Bartlesville – 918 336-5546; Ponca City -580 -762-6778]
Representative Steny Hoyer (D-MD) ranking member of the Subcommittee.[Staff: Scott Nance 202-225-5834 (T) 225-5895 (F)] [District Offices: Greenbelt 301 474-0119; Waldorf – 301 843-1577].

October 09, 2001 – Update


All of the hatcheries and other folks involved with
shipping live birds have finally gotten a bill, HR 2590, through
the Senate and into committee. To insure that we will be able
to stay in business and ship your poultry to you this coming season,
this bill must be passed through committee just as it is stated
without any changes in the language.

PETA and the Human Society, two very active animal
rights groups, are contacting each committee member asking them
to consider changing the language of this bill. A change in the
language is what the animal rights people want and dismantles
our bill and all we have worked for. Please don’t let them win.

Every office on Capitol Hill can be reached by calling
202-224-3121. Listed below is a list of the committee members.
If any of these listed elected officials represent you or your
district, please take the time to give this number a call and
tell them NOT TO CHANGE THE LANGUAGE IN BILL – H.R. 2590. Even
if you are not represented on this committee please call your
Senator and urge them to tell their peers on the committee to
not change this language.

We are on the last hill. Help us reach the top.

Thank you.
Murray McMurray Hatchery


Republicans   Democrats  
Istook 5th District
Frank Wolf 10th District
Anne M. Northup 3rd District
John E. Sununu 1st District
John E. Peterson 5th Distinct
Hoyer 5th District
Carrie Meek 17th District David E. Price 4th District
Steven Rothman 9th District
Peter J. Visclosky 1st District


Republicans   Democrats  
Ben Nighthorse
Richard C. Shelby
Mike DeWine
I. Dorgan
Barbara A. Mikulski
Mary Landrieu