February 24, 2003 – Airline Surcharge

The USPS has finally decided to enforce the surcharge that was put into law a little over one year ago. This is $.20 per pound for parcels being sent by AIR. There have been various reports as to when this will be get going but most reports indicate it will start at any time if it has not already at some locations.
Although all of us would like to hold costs down, the implementation of the surcharge insures the hatcheries and other shippers that the airlines, which carried day-olds, would continue to do so. It was easy to agree to make this concession.
As a group, we all should be treated equally in the matter of applying this surcharge. By this, we should know how we are going to be charged. Is the charge to be by shipping zones, zip codes, or what? How will we know which parcels actually went by plane and which by surface? (The surcharge is to be given to the airlines for their service.) Can the post office verify this? There have been various reports as to how this will be done and there appears to be confusion on the part of the post office concerning the surcharge. We, as shippers, don’t want to be difficult and certainly want to cooperate with the postal officials but it is imperative that the USPS exercises consistency in the manner of charging and collecting these fees.
Certainly, significant steps … but there is further work that needs to be accomplished.
Please ask your local post office, postal representative, or AMF supervisor how all of the above is to be done. If there appears to be a great deal of confusion and inconsistency with the handling of the surcharge please let the BSA know and we will try to work with the USPS to develop an equitable plan.
Thank you for your cooperation and good shipping.
Murray McMurray, Chairman