Spring 2008 FedEx Shipping Estimates

I received the following email from Aaron Prather, Postal Transportation Management with Federal Express. He is requesting that each shipper send an email with projected volumes of baby chicks to be shipped through the Post Office using Federal Express for the spring of 2008.
His email is amprather@fedex.com
Thank you.
Bud Wood, Chair
Bird Shippers of America
It is that time of the year to start getting an idea from your member hatcheries of what volumes they are projecting for the 2008 Spring Peak for baby chicks. Last year, their forecasts allowed us to really plan out what we needed to do at are facilities in Memphis and Oakland.
Currently, we are running nearly double the Lives volume over what we did last year. So these forecasts are going to be even more important, because it is clear that the USPS is sending much more of their Live shipments via FedEx now.
So like last year, if you could send an email out to your members to send me their projections or what they shipped last year, we can start making our projections now. The earlier we get the information, the faster we can see if we need to make adjustments to the system prior to the start of Peak shipping.
Aaron Prather
Postal Transportation Management