Acceptance of Live Shipments by USPS

To follow is a letter from Paul Vogel, Network Operations Manager for USPS, concerning acceptance of live shipments. Below his letter is the response from Bird Shippers of America to the issues raised in Mr. Vogel’s letter.

PO BOX 458
March 20, 2006
Paul E. Vogel, Vice President
Network Operations Management
United States Postal Service
476 L’Enfant Plaza, SW
Room 7011
Washington, DC 20260-6251
Dear Paul:
The Bird Shippers of America appreciate the efforts the USPS in addressing the problems bird shippers have been experiencing in the recent past. Therefore, we appreciated receiving a copy of the March 6, 2006 communication to Vice Presidents, Area Operations Manager, and Capital Metro Operations of the United States Postal Service (USPS) on the Acceptance of Lives.
Unfortunately, we have some major concerns with the substance of the letter in three areas.
Firstly, the suggested procedure permitting the District Managers to establish local procedures and acceptance-point guidelines to be followed by the District Expedited Services Office (ESO) within each District will, we believe, unavoidably create a variety of different policies and procedures which cannot help but result in inconsistency and, therefore, uncertainty for the shippers and customers. We believe a uniform policy for the entire country is warranted and would result in a far more efficient system.
Secondly, as far as contacting the ESO when there is to be a mailing, many times the ordering process does not permit timely notice. For example, one of our members recently had 800 orders in one week 300 of which were booked between Monday and Wednesday. Timely notification cannot always be done.
The third area of concern is the four (4) hour limitation on surface transportation. We have shippers in southern California who will not be able to ship to northern California, Washington or Oregon. One shipper in the southwest cannot even reach postal distribution centers in Albuquerque or Dallas in four (4) hours. Another shipper in Texas cannot reach customers in Oklahoma, Louisiana, south and north Texas, Tennessee, lower Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and the panhandle of Florida by air and has to rely on surface transportation that results in trips that are longer that a four (4) hours.
Immediately after the 9/11tragedy, bird shippers had to use all surface transportation for deliveries throughout the country in trips exceeding four (4) ours and had no problems. In sum, if this limitation is imposed, it will be economically devastating to many, many bird shippers throughout the country. We feel that the limitation is unrealistic and arbitrary; especially when a policy of no time limitation has been successful for many years.
It is interesting that one of the USPS Area Managers encouraged one of the bird shippers to take more bird shipments by surface transportation resulting in trips that were far longer than four (4) hours. The suggestion was followed with no resulting problems
We sincerely hope you will consider our concerns and would be most willing to discuss these matters with you or your staff. If we can answer any questions regarding the above comments, we trust you will contact us. Again, the industry appreciates your efforts on our behalf.
Murray McMurray

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