August 1, 2001 – We Need Your Help

The United States Post Office is the only service in the United States, which will carry day old poultry. UPS, Federal Express, Airborne Express, and every other carrier in the US will not carry poultry. As all of you who have bought live day-old poultry from us know, we ship your order for baby chicks, ducklings, goslings, etc. to you via the airlines. We are able to do this because all airlines have a very lucrative contract with the United States Post Office to carry mail.
We were just notified that as of August 15, 2001 Northwest has decided to join a long list of other airlines, which refuse to carry day-old poultry as United States Mail. (In the past the post office has allowed the airlines to pick and choose which type of US Mail they wish to carry.) This decision by Northwest Airlines will probably force the few remaining airlines that do carry poultry to follow suit. The end result of these actions is there will no longer be a way to purchase poultry through the mail because no airlines will carry your order. Unless this can be resolved a number mail order hatcheries will more than likely go out of business.
We are begging for your support and help on this issue. Write your congressional representatives we MUST make them aware of this very crucial problem. We are very worried that mail order poultry and other birds, like so many other great things of our rich heritage, may become a thing of the past. This issue does not only affect hatcheries. Every feed store, 4-H Club, poultry equipment manufacturer, pharmaceutical company, school science project, and any other individual or company which has a finger in raising poultry and other birds on the small scale will be hurt.
Please lend us your assistance on this issue. Click on Take Action Now in the left nav-bar to print out a sample letter for your congressional representatives.
Thank you.

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