Bonafilia Resigns From Post Office

I received the following email from John Bonafilia, Manager, Commercial Air Operations, U.S. Post Office.
On Monday, November 6th, I announced my intention to resign from the Postal Service after 31 years. My resignation is effective November 25th. Greg Garcia will assume the duties of Manager, Commercial Air Operations (Acting). Joel Rosen will continue to be your point of contact for all lives issues.
I believe I’m leaving the lives environment in better shape than when I assumed this position 4 years ago. I hope you all agree. It was frustrating, and at times discouraging trying to put together a network that would support you and your customers needs. With the addition of FedEx & UPS, the commercial carriers, as well as Northwest Airlines, I believe we have ample lift to ensure a successful mailing season next year. But as you are well aware, even with all this lift we may still have holes. Your constant communication proved invaluable – please continue to communicate with Joel as often as necessary.
Thanks again for the patience you displayed in the past.
John C. Bonafilia
Manager, Commercial Air Operations
Washington, DC 20260-7137

Mr. Bonafilia was of great service to our industry in the trying times of the last few years. He was instrumental in getting Northwest Airlines back on line, allowing chicken to “fly” again after 911, setting up Kittyhawk to cover gaps left by other airlines, and negotiating “lives” on Federal express, to name a few. On behalf of all of the Bird Shippers I would like to say thank-you to Mr. Bonafilia for all of his help.
Bud Wood, Chair

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