February 16, 2005 Update

Dear BSA Member:
As many of you may, or may not, know, this past week has presented more potential problems for those of us shipping poultry across the country.
Delta Airlines has made the decision to take no “Transfer” mail. Transfer mail consists of mail which Delta would carry from point A to point B and then have to transfer to point C. It is our understanding that they still will carry mail from point A to B (there was no transfer involved).
US Air and American had their postal contracts terminated by the USPS because their service was unacceptable. Both airlines want to continue to have contracts and the USPS is in negotiation with them at this time.
Our lobbyist has indicated to us he should be able to give us an update at the end of this week and we will pass it on at that time. This is very crucial time in our industry. If you have not paid your membership fees yet please consider doing so.
Murray McMurray

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