Fed Ex Notes

Fed Ex visited Metzer Farms in October and the following points were made:
Things have gone smoothly for FedEx the first four weeks of shipping. All transfers are being made in Memphis. If demand requires it, transfers may also be made in Indianapolis and Oakland when shipping of lives picks up in the spring.
At this point they are getting more Express mail than expected. They are hoping that most of the shipments will be priority which will be transferred in Memphis during the slower part of the day.
The only locations where there will be temperature restrictions are shipments to and from Birmingham, AL or Jackson, MS or Nashville, TN. As these routes are trucked from the sorting facility in Memphis, they cannot accept birds for shipment to or from these locations if temperatures are expected to be over 85 degrees.
FedEx will only accept birds from the USPS on Monday through Friday evenings. So you cannot expect FedEx to carry your shipments if you mail on Saturday or Sunday.
You will need to check the FedEx 2007 holiday schedule when it is announced. July 4, for example, is a Wednesday in 2007. They will not be working that day so if you mail on Tuesday, delivery will be delayed.

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