Peta is Trying to Take Away Your Rights

PETA is trying very hard to take away your rights. The following
quotes are from their website:

"For years, PETA has worked diligently
to convince the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to stop shipping live
animals. The USPS is the last remaining major carrier to ship newborn
baby chicks and other small animals across the country."

They are trying to incite a letter writing campaign against us
with false claims, as is evident by the follow statement:

"Unfortunately, hatcheries have put
an immense amount of pressure on the airline and the industry to
keep transporting these animals despite exorbitantly high mortality
rates and inevitable suffering. Please contact Northwest right away
to ask that it stick to its humane policy and not ship baby chicks:"

As most of you have experienced yourselves, the vast majority of
the birds arrive healthy and happy at their new home. Please counteract
this attempt by PETA to take away your rights and a great way of
life, The American Family Farm. Contact the individuals below and
set the record straight.

Your opinion should be
heard, DO NOT let PETA take away your rights.

Richard H. Anderson
Northwest Airlines Corporation
2700 Lone Oak Pkwy.
Minneapolis, MN. 55401
Tel.: 612-726-2111
Fax: 612-727-7795

Rakesh Gangwal, President and CEO
US Airways Group, Inc.
2345 Crystal Dr.
Arlington, VA 22227
Tel.: 703-872-7000
Fax: 703-872-5307

Lawrence W. Kellner, President
Continental Airlines, Inc.
1600 Smith St., Dept. HQSEO
Houston, TX 77002
Tel.: 713-324-5000
Fax: 713-324-2637

Frederick W. Reid, President and COO
Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport
Atlanta, GA 30320
Tel.: 404-715-2600
Fax: 404-715-5042

Alan B. Graf Jr.,
FedEx Corporation
942 S. Shady Grove Rd.
Memphis, TN 38120
Tel.: 901-369-3600
Fax: 901-818-7166

Carol Hallett, CEO
Air Transport Association of America, Inc.
130 Pennsylvania Ave. N.W., Ste. 1100
Washington, DC 20004-1707
Tel.: 202-626-4000
Fax: 202-626-4166

John E. Potter, Postmaster General and CEO
United States Postal Service
475 L’Enfant Plaza W., S.W.
Washington, DC 20260-0010
Tel.: 202-268-2284
Fax: 202-268-4860

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