September 27, 2001 September 27, 2001 – Updates

One week ago, Friday, September 21st, the US Senate passed Bill S.1397. This bill was attached to the Treasury Postal Appropriations Act and co-sponsored by Senators Grassley of Iowa and Feingold of Wisconsin. It was a bi-partisan bill and supported very successfully by the Senate.
The bill now goes to committee where three things can happen:
1. They can change the language of the bill.
2. They can throw the bill out
3. They can accept the bill as it is written
We feel we have a very good chance of getting this bill through the committee as it is written. After approval by the committee the bill will go back to both the House and the Senate for a final vote and then to the President for his signature.
Our success in getting this far, this quickly is a direct result of you folks and your belief in the grass-roots approach to American politics. Without the thousands of letters, email, and phone calls, this issue would have been pushed to the back burner and ignored. Because of your participation in exercising your democratic rights, we are close to our goals.
Our battle is still not complete and we will be asking, once again, for more help in the future to give this bill the final push we’ll need to get it passed. We wish to thank all of you who have made this progress possible. On behalf of the Birds Shippers of America, “Thank you.”
Murray McMurray, Chairman
Bird Shippers of America

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