Transportation Update as of April 18, 2005

According to the U.S. Posatal Service the following is transpiring:
1. American Air is back to about 60% of their network volume and the results are very encouraging. They’re ramping up their transfer operation through Dallas/Fort Worth this week and will be fully ramped up in another 3 weeks – this will provide additional opportunities for the transport of lives.
2. A proposal from a cargo carrier for the transport of lives throughout the country has been received – rates are lane specific. It is being evaluated as to where they can best be utilized.
3. Northwest signed with Airborne. They will begin transporting mail out of their 5 hubs beginning May 14th. We hope they will expand to other hubs later. These 5 hubs are: Minneapolis, Detroit, Memphis, Los Angeles, & San Francisco.
4. US Air is in the first week of their test – results are encouraging as well. As they bring up more markets the options for the transport of lives will increase. They will start taking lives out of Syracuse on April 23rd.
5. Airborne doesn’t accept lives today, however, they are reconsidering their position. The USPS is cautiously optimistic. If Airborne does accept lives it will open up a very large area for our transportation of lives.

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