Update: American, US Air, NW, & Airborne

Hey, we’re making progress.
We realize how tough things have been out there for many of you in the poultry shipping world these last few months. However the most recent update from Mr. Steve Boynton, our lobbyist, is very encouraging. Here is what is transpiring between the USPS and its air carriers:
1. American Airlines is in its third week of an eight week test. (The USPS pulled their contract earlier and has now reinstated them under some restrictions.) According to Mr. John Bonafilia, of the USPS, the “early results are encouraging.”
2. On April 8th, mail was tendered to U.S. Air for its test. (U.S. Air’s contract was pulled at the same time as American’s.) “The first two days were encouraging.”
3. Northwest Air, which currently has a separate contract with the USPS to carry lives at a $.80 per pound additional surcharge, is actively carrying lives from Minneapolis and Detroit. The USPS reports Northwest has signed a contract with Airborne to start taking lives on May 14th from presumably Memphis, Los Angeles, and New York. (These cities have not been confirmed by the USPS but it is believed by us that these cities will be served.)
4. The USPS is currently in negotiations with a cargo carrier to take lives out of markets where limited commercial lifts however, costs may be a factor here. We were informed by the USPS they will know more in two weeks on this issue.
In conclusion, Mr. Boynton adds, and I quote,
“This latter message (Number 4 above) is really a two edged sword: Firstly, it is encouraging that efforts are being made to expand the service, but, secondly, the USPS does not seem to acknowledge that it has an unequivocal Constitutional and statutory duty to provide mail service to postal patrons. The law does not say that the government, through the USPS, will provide service unless it is too costly, or basically, too much trouble.”
Thank you all for your continued financial and moral support in these most crucial issues.

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